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Introducing The New Efforest

Efforest New Trademarked Logo

We are excited to unveil the new Efforest™ logo and identity. We feel that now is an excellent time to update and refresh our image and branding as we prepare for our company's future path.

After careful deliberation, we selected a new logo that represents a more modern design and expresses our objective to provide exceptional quality, performance, and service support across all of the goods we provide.

In the spirit of our re-branding, we want to focus more on providing relief and confidence to older women and men. Efforest's new logo was designed in an abstract view to portray flexibility. This represents our continuous search for products catered to the evolving needs of our customers. Through our diverse product line, we want our customers to feel good about themselves, not just to look younger; to feel energized every day, not just to temporarily relieve the pain; and to have quality sleep, not just to complete the recommended hours. 

We believe that a healthy body makes a healthy mind and vice versa. That is why we are committed to delivering products that enhance your overall health and well-being.

With this, we want to better present ourselves and provide you with greater services in the future.



                                                                       - Efforest Team, May 2022


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